Learning how to use Family Historian

Family Historian

I am loving Family Historian. It has been easy to pick up and learn as I have gone along. It’s taking a bit of getting used to using people’s maiden names rather than their married names, as I have done with folders on my desktop (I suspect I’ll have to update them sometime soon).

I found it a little hard to understand source and citations, but after watching a video on Record a Birth Certificate with Family Historian they are now a cinch.

Videos on how to use Family Historian which I found helpful:

Most of the videos by tatewise are on the plugin Ancestral Sources, but there is a useful one on the Family Historian User Group (FHUG) Contribute Your Knowledge to the website.

Talking of which, I also joined the Family Historian Users Mailing List and had a wander around the Family Historian User Group (FHUG) website.

Most of all, I am really impressed with the range of options available in the reporting function. The multimedia options are also remarkable.

Highly recommended.

2 responses to “Learning how to use Family Historian

  1. I am learning to use Family Historian at the moment also. Thanks for these useful links. Welcome to geneabloggers, I look forward to following your blog :)

  2. Did you know that Family Historian expert Jane Taubman will be on the 4th UTP Genealogy cruise next Feb?

    I’m also a fairly new FH user and am a great fan already. I’m also going to be following you.

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